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Our Ebay auction to raise money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is almost over. All money will be donated to the Red Cross. Please give what you can

Please help us raise money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. We have an auction running at Ebay ( and will be matching the 10% discount at in the form of donations to the Red Cross (discount code is METRICXMAS).
we go live in 30 minutes! :) #fashion #business

There are more dresses to see! Nov. 8, 2013 #lacuachera #lacuacherastyle #lacuacheradresses #fashion #ootd #business

Our very own island! 🌴 @tomatocf @chesterfabian @slsanchez @akirehsiri #goodtimes #summer #pangasinan (at Hundred Islands)



A few weeks back, a friend showed this link to me; I was redirected to a website that showed a list of 8 Speakeasy Pubs in Makati.

Just to give you a brief (but nonetheless geeky) background, Speakeasy Pubs are hidden bars famous during the Prohibition era; the time when selling,…

We love this place!

always have fun playing with my new uke, Louie.

here’s my rough cover of one of my favorite Florence + The Machine songs

3 letters: WTF + 1 word: FUN = another spontaneous record sesh

the main vocal was the first & only take. backing vocals took 2 takes & little cuts here & there. the drums… well, i didn’t use a metronome so the beat is effed up.

anyway, i enjoyed. hope you will too.

me and my friend Gelo did a fun cover. pls forgive the ambient noises, we recorded out of pure spontaneity while we were at the bayside.

ukelele & vocals: Gelo
vocals: Lish

my heart and mind are ready for the beach…

but my wallet isnt.

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About me


i'm a 20-something-year-old daydreamer who plays musical instruments, writes to cure boredom, longboards to escape, takes pictures to bridge memory gaps and speaks in accents when drunk. all this in my spare time, cos i need an alternative to the humdrum existence.

i like to wander off and create stuff so excuse me while i kiss the sky.


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